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Little · Scribbles

My shorts..are like Uruha's...

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I recently bought a new pair of shorts. Last year I bought a pair of cute yellow shorts, and I bought the same ones but in purple, without realizing how Uruha-esque they are. Nothing big or spectacular has happened, of course! XD I've seen Sarah a few times and we went to the movies..and still i'm hanging out with Deanna! It's nice, we're so crazy XDD Last week I was at her house and we watched the PSC concert and aww it was so cute. Although I kinda like ScReW...Byou's really attractive...>___> even if he sounds like a combination of Ruki and Kyo..which is pretty entertaining!! XP and then just the other day I was back at her house and we watched another PSC concert and then one by The GazettE and then a KAT-TUN one, too X3 teehee it was quite fun!! We ended up laughing and fangirling all night and we didnt get around to sleeping...so we decided for a naptime at 830 and ended up not waking up until 1230 XD so it was loads of funtiemz. and such. Then it was my dad's birthday and we just made some cake for him and stuff..nothing too special. And tonite Vince is coming up because he's got football camp and we're letting him sleep in the living room because well..it's just convienent. But its okay, I dont' mind TOO much..he's a real nice guy, pretty quiet and very respectful. So that's good. Although he's a bit arrogant XD BIG EGO.  But whatever I guess..hnm..I had more to say earlier but i dont remember! Oh well! I still havnt seen the new Harry Potter movie!! My mom won't let me go see it with any friends because we have to see it "altogether" meaning my mom, sisters and aunt. I dont see whats wrong with me seeing it more than once or anything but she's really being adamant about it...blahh whatever I guess.. and earlier I went to pick up my prescription and was hungry so i got a sammich :] it made me happy it was so yummy XD I went back home and got some potato chips and a coke and sat down and tried to find something on tv and so i went to the ondemand stuff to browse the free stuff andt they had some jrock stuff so of course i was waching it and it was just nice...to eat and enjoy that..I know..i'm that lame...!!! and I stil cant think of what I was going to say..oh well XDDD OH
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