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Well then

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And here we are, almost two years later. Somehow I find myself excited to look through my old journal entries, although I know they will upset me. So much has changed since my last post! I DID graduate with my Master's degree (go me); Lance quit his job at Aldi to pursue a career at Team Detroit (an advertising company) where he is much happier. Also, almost a year ago...he broke up with me.

That was probably the biggest shock to my system that I have ever experienced. It completely blindsided me. We were having a discussion about getting married when he told me he didn't think he wanted to get married anymore. In general; not just to me. It was so weird and for months after that he became someone foreign to me--acting in ways I never would have imagined. It was so surreal. For that reason, last summer was a big daze and I really did think I was going to wake up one morning and everything would be back to the way it was. Sometimes I still feel that way. It wasn't until mid-July I came to accept my position. I mean, I'm pretty much the coolest person ever, so why should I be upset? He's the one who lost out on my awesomeness! With that mentality I became a stronger person. Although much more guarded. Which is upsetting. It's more difficult for me to open up to other's now...but I'm working on it.

In August I was haphazardly introduced to Ross. My longtime best friend, Shannon...her boyfriend, Frank, literally yanked my arm one night at the bar (where I reluctantly met them for one of Frank's friend's birthday), threw me in front of this man with: "Haaaave you met Ross?" Straight out of How I Met Your Mother. So. Ridiculous. After an interesting initial meeting and giving him my phone number, we went on a few dates. A month later while we were on a camping trip to Ludington with Frank and Shannon he asked me to be his girlfriend! I was also hesitant about this at first but he has proven to be so gentlemanly. He's patient with me, kind, loving, and very devoted. I appreciate him so much. He's just as busy as I am so it works out.

I was accepted into a doctoral program at Wayne State (where I applied because of Lance--go figure) and decided to go there. I'm currently in my second semester and it's already kicking my butt! Ross is in his second semester of medical school; so we often have study dates during the week. I don't talk or see him as much as I would like to (especially compared to how it was with Lance) but the time I do get to be with him is absolutely fantastic. Even if we're not really doing anything! It's great in that respect.

That is essentially my life update; hah. I don't know who I'm writing this for these days. I guess it's nice to look back on it myself every so often. Heh. Over the past few months I've been in contact with Lance, which has also been surreal. He wants to try again with me. As much as I would have loved to go back and be with him...he hurt me too much; way too much. Twice. He ruined me. I can't trust him. It's heartbreaking and I finally cut off conversation with him (again) last week. It felt like we had broken up all over again and I was a wreck. I talked with Ross about it (we're trying to be as honest with each other as we can be in our relationship) and he was so supportive. Maybe things really will work out for the best.
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