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Nooooo not  Ritsuka~ (kyaahhh Ritsukaaaaa~~~ X3) But YAMAPI~~~~~~~~ His new pv came out! (well the short version) and aww!! I really like it, it's soo "awwww sad" like...XD sorry..I'm feeling better, but still not good :/ I'm going to class tomorrow, because I really should do that. But yeah, YamaPi! So...the song doesn't really..sound like  him..his voice, but I like it anyways..so that's good...and then Sarah called me and we had a nice fangirlism talk xD and now I really want to listen to some JE right now..which is what I'm doing...God, do I love them..they're amazing. Great for when you're feeling down!!  I think..it's like a circle..when I'm feeling bad I'll start listening to jpop or kpop for a while..and it makes me happy~ the cuteness and general uplifting-ness XD of the songs is just a nice break! And then after awhile is the general "okay, I need to listen to some rock.  ""real music"" for those elitists." and so  I'll do that..and then when I fall back into one of my moods (such is happening now) I'll listen to absolutely any and everything that will help my mood. And I don't know..where  my current kick for a fandom will go from there but whatever!!! XD I'm listening to NEWS now..and awwww gosh I do just love 'em so much~ :3 IF THEY CAN GET THROUGH COLLEGE WHILE STILL BEING IDOLS I CAN TOO. WELL, MINUS ME BEING AN IDOL. (lawlzzz) Hey, if it works....why not? RighT?  XP Sorry I really don't know what I'm ranting about..I'm just starting to get worried about everything..but I can get through it..we can all get through it, every single one of us.....we just might need some help along the way.  So let's go, guys. Let's get through this. Together. <3

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